Fokus Fabrik in Esplanadi Park

Fokus Fabrik in Esplanadi Park

In September 2007, I was strolling down the Esplanadi street in the center of Helsinki with friends from Taipei. A city park “home” created by Fokus Fabrik design caught our eyes. Fokus Fabrik, a young Finnish design team, has decorated the stage in Esplanadi Park into their living and working room for four days and three nights. During this period of time they lived and worked there, exhibiting design fabrics and items to the passers-by.

To me this was a great way to get new inspiration from the city and environment, at the same time some freshness was brought to the city park as a nice surprise. I wish to see more of such happenings in Helsinki, not only during the summer, autumn, but also for the winter and spring…

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The original article in Chinese is here

Here are my slide shows:

Check the really nice brand: Fokus Fabrik

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